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Birthdate:Apr 24
Location:Oregon, United States of America
I became the proud owner of a BA in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley at the end of 2005. In 2008 I earned my Masters of Architecture degree from U of Oregon. Haven't worked a day in the profession since, not for lack of applying. Once upon a time (and at various times) I worked in a record store, a bookstore, a printing/copying shop, a video store and a theme park. I've been married for over ten years. We have a newborn son (late Feb., 2009), an eighteen-year-old dog and lost our ten-year-old rabbit recently. I've been a roadie for two local bands and am an avid amateur photographer. From February 2006 to August 2006 I worked in a Forensic Architecture firm, which though snazzily-named means I did many Excel spreadsheets and visited a surfeit of ugly tract homes.

My politics are mixed, but I don't doubt the casual observer would tag me with the much-maligned label "liberal," and I suppose for categorization purposes I will accept it. I have too strong a drive for social justice to be a conservative and too great a distrust of corporate structure to be a Libertarian, though in theory it appeals. I don't particularly trust the government, but I have a greater distrust of big business and so prefer regulation to a truly free market. This is mostly due to the more tranparent nature of the governmental decision-making process (which in itself is a scary thought).

I spent far too much time in Wurster Hall, and I do mean too much time. There were periods quite regularly where two or three weeks would pass without my not spending a major portion of the day at school. So of course I was chomping at the bit to enter grad school. Apparently I didn't want to sleep for the next two years or so. My wife again didn't see much of me between 9/2006 and the summer of 2008.

I read non-fiction voraciously when I’m not buried under a heap of required texts, and despite my complaints about irrational instructors and sleep deprivation I do love architecture. With luck I will teach it some day at the Community College level (the liberal in me coming out again, I suppose).
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