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The G.O.P., in its infinite benificence, is talking of putting forward an amendment to the Constitution limiting Congress to a maximum of 12 years, both House of Representatives and Senate. I have a few thoughts on the matter.

First! The G.O.P. is so often heard to say government ought to be run like a business. I've never really agreed, in that I don't see where profit ought to be a motive for a public institution, but let's go with that. Now, what business in its right mind fires experienced workers that don't get any more pay than a new hire? Epically stupid, bad business sense and lousy governance.

Second! We already have term limits. They are called elections. You may be familiar with the concept. Now, color me reactionary but I'm not all that sure telling the electorate they can choose anyone but that person, the one they clearly already chose more than once for a reason seems somehow antithetical to a free and open democracy, even a representative one like ours. Put up a qualified candidate and I'll consider them. I've voted for incumbents and I've voted them out.

It's a short, short trip from "You're too stupid to vote for anyone but the incumbent, so we're taking away that option," to "You're too stupid to vote, so we're taking away that option." Gentlemen and Ladies of the G.O.P. establishment, if you don't like who gets elected either run better candidates or leave the damn country. Pick an option. Either one's fine with me.
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