Dec. 31st, 2009

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So, I'm not much of a journaller of late. There are a couple reasons for that.

First & foremost, by day I take care of my son, and evenings and weekends I do in-home sales, which means I have little time to compose anything of a level I'd want to post.

This also means I have not a whole lot I want to post. The minutiae of parenthood, while rewarding, makes for less than compelling reading. The little I do want to post about it I forget while cleaning up after a diaper change and *whoops* it's almost 2010. The job is simultaneously painful and boring, and utterly purposeless. (My poor sales pitch carries that over to the financial side as well. I'm shocked I still work there.) As well, they have a "no blogging" clause I signed, so unless I reach the status of disgruntled ex-employee I don't see a point in pissing them off for what little reward I'd get venting.

Sales job & new child aside, were I to express the remaining thoughts I'd use up my yearly quota of expletives in about two weeks. Really. The state of the world, at least the bit in which I live, is not conducive to polite contemplation.

One reason? Politics. I'm not going to bore you with whats and whys, but I find myself yelling (quietly, so as not to upset my son) at the TV, at websites, and at chain emails I receive. The volume level for the endemic stupidity of the population seems to be stuck on eleven and it's giving me a headache and making me all sorts of cranky.

Another? Architecture. Or rather, my inability to find gainful employment therein. I realize it's no real fault of mine, save my astoundingly bad timing in entering the profession now. 2008 was really bad for architecture. Every construction job you saw go away? The architects lost their jobs about six months before that, if not a bit earlier. And now two different people have sent me this link:

9 Professions That Saw Most Job Losses in 2009

WooHoo! We're Number One! Woo...oh, wait.

Yes, the folks I sent resumes to this year fired/laid off/downsized a greater percentage of their workforce than any other industry.

Like I said, nothing but expletives. The article does say the industry ought to see about 10% job growth, which means I'll only be competing with all the firees from 2008 and a little under half the firees from 2009. So, woohoo for me!

Here's a sincere hope that 2010 is much better than we have any right to expect it to be. For all of us.

Be well.


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